Kaoha nui e a mave mai, welcome to the Pension Joséphine

Located within the grounds of the Hanakee Lodge Hotel, the Pension Joséphine enjoys a quiet, airy environment, and close to the village of Atuona.

The Pension Joséphine welcomes you in its bungalows that can accommodate from 2 to 6 people, and equipped with: air conditioning, shower, toilets, television, swimming pool, wifi and telephone.

Catering: buffet breakfast and table d'hôte dinner.

Sheets and towels are provided at the beginning of the stay, cleaning is done on arrival and departure.

Pension Joséphine
Pension Joséphine
Pension Joséphine

Marquesas Islands

The Marquesas archipelago, Fenua Enata in southern Marquesan or Henua Enana in northern Marquesan, or "The Land of Men", is located about 1500km north-east of Tahiti

We estimated that the first Polynesians invested in the archipelago around - 150 B.C., before colonizing the Hawaiian archipelago and Easter Island.
This is the Spanish Alvaro de Mendaña who approached them in 1595 by Fatu Hiva and Tahuata. He gave them the name of the Marquesas in honour of the Viceroy's wife of Peru, Garcia Hurtado de Mendoza, Marquis of Cañete. The archipelago will be integrated with the French Establishments of Oceania in 1842.

These volcanic islands are divided into two distinct groups :
The northern group, with Nuku Hiva (administrative center of the Marquesas), Ua Pou, Ua Huka, Hatu Iti, Eiao, Hatutaa and Motu One
The Southern group, with Hiva Oa, Tahuata, Fatu Hiva, Moho Tani (Motane) and Fatu Huku

Numbers of Marquesan artists perpetuate ancestral art with sculptures that are among the most beautiful in the Pacific and these islands have unique fauna and flora, with many endemic species.

Pension Joséphine

Hiva Oa

Hiva Oa is the main Island of the southern group of the Marquis archipelago whose centre is the village of Atuona. With its 320km², the Island is the third largest in Polynesia after Tahiti and Nuku Hiva. It is also the base for maritime connections to two other inhabited Island in the southern group: Tahuata and Fatu Hiva.

Pension Joséphine

Hiva Oa is baptised the “garden of the Marquesas” because of its fertile and luxurious soil. As far as the eye can see, the wildlife stretches across: green, beautiful and bright.Roads are uncommon, the houses as well. The islands damaged relief mixes the sharp peaks, peaks and valleys dotted with archaeological sites where one finds, among others, the greatest Tikis of Polynesia.

The island is full of black sand beaches and steep cliffs that plunge into the plentiful waters of the Pacific. Beyond its sky-scraping peaks, at the foot of which is enshrined Atuona, the islands main village, Hiva Oa keeps the memories of its previous famous guests, the painter Paul Gauguin and the singer Jacques Brel who rest in the Hiva Oa cemetery.

Useful Information’s
    Time Zone : GMT -0930 (Tahiti is at GMT -10)
    Currency : Franc Pacifique XPF (1€ = 119,332 XPF)
    Inhabitant Number : 2243 (2017)
    Surface area : ~ 320 km²


The giants tikis of Puamau

A full day guided tour by 4 wheel drive to Puamau, on the north-east tip of Hiva Oa’s island. Breathtaking drive along the winding coastline through several valleys, until reaching the picturesque village of Puamau.

Visit "Te Iipona", the archaeological site which became famous with the tallest stone Tiki "TAKAI" (2.43 m) and the very exceptional "Makaii Taua Pepe" unique tiki represented horizontally. Lunch on site in a Marquesas house or as a picnic. Short stay at the beach on the returning way, and a stop at the rainforest of Punaei where the enigmatic "UTUKA", nicknamed the "Smiling Tiki" awaits you.

Tahuata Island

You will leave the Tahauku harbour, skirt the Hanakee Rock where you may be lucky enough to see Manta rays. On Tahuata Island, you will visit the hamlet of Hapatoni, then stop in the village of Vaitahu to visit its church, museum and its small local market.

The people of Tahuata are known for their wood carvings on horse, pig and goat bones and surprisingly on swordfish rostrums. After that, you will go on a beautiful white sand beach, where you can swim, relax and enjoy a barbecue.

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